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Pipe Sniper

With the new pipebelt grinder PIPE-SNIPER® the future of pipe treatment has just begun!

Up to now workpieces could only be treated step by step using conventional grinding machines for pipe machining, even under great force. Particularly in railing construction machining all around the workpiece was virtually impossible.

Consequently we have developed a grinding system specially for pipes: For the first time in history PIPE-SNIPER® enable pipe machining with 2/3 envelopment thanks to an optimized clamp gripping system and hence 360 degree machining from a single working position.

PIPE-SNIPER® Pipe Belt Grinding System - Futuristic design for the pipe grinding of tomorrow
Pipe Sniper Set


PIPE-SNIPER® machine, Technical Data:
220-240 V ~50 Hz (or 110 V~50-60 Hz), 1,750 Watt power, variable speed from 1,000 - 3,800 rpm, Weight 4.9 kg, for belts 40 x 780mm.

Kit Contains:
1 PIPE-SNIPER® machine
1 QUICK-LOCK cable 4 m
2 ea grinding belts grit 40, 60, 80, 120
2 ea SC-Fleece belts medium and fine

Pipe Sniper Set
Large Portable Aluminium Case High impact aluminium box with sealing lips. Splash-proof. The case is large enough for machine and consumables. Can be padlocked.

Inner dimensions: 760 x 350 x 300mm.

The box is suitable for the following machines: PIPE-MAX®, PIPE-SNIPER® and GLADIUS®. Aluminium case is supplied without content.

Features of the PIPE-SNIPER® Pipe Belt Grinder
Picture Description  
Pipe Fix Smart

Pipe Fix Smart

Pipe Fix Smart

With constant workforce and due to a innovative gas pressure damped gearwheel enclosure technique grinding and polishing
pipes now gets really efficient.

The mechanism is triggered by hand with help of a lever. While closing the tongs the belt lays around the pipe, and so it is possible to treat the whole workpiece from just one work position

High quality synchronous mechanism consisting of INOX gear wheels and gas pressure dampers for wear-free pipe enclosure.

Endurable driving rollers made of high-grade metals with interchangeable rubber rings


Easily adjustable drive rollers due to a deputy lever to adjust the right belt length for the pipe diameter

Infinite speed adjustment with thumb-wheel

The ability of frontal insertion is particularly worth emphasizing:

Whereas conventional pipe machining tools mostly only have one single moveable arm, the technology of our new pipe machining system is based on a principle which up to now is unique: both gripper arms are flexible and can be controlled using a lever.

360° pipe machining from a sole workposition:

Thanks to a 2/3 envelopment, complete grinding around the whole pipe is possible, without having to change the working position. The lever is fitted in such a way that it can be conveniently operated by hand. The lever device and gas pressure shock absorber also considerably reduce the necessary force which has to be applied. Thanks to the design, with the PIPE-SNIPER® it is also possible to even work in narrow spaces. The bow handle is fitted to the machine in such a way that balanced grinding is possible in every working position, even when machining corner areas. There are numerous grinding belts available for the PIPE-SNIPER®, and these range from coarse grinding to mirror finish enabling all types of pipe machining.

A toothed-wheel mechanism ensures the exact synchronicity of the movement:

The grinding belt, which is stretched over the guide rollers between the cantilever arms, can be placed so that it fits exactly over the pipe. Gas pressure shock absorbers ensure constant pressure and that the 40 millimeter wide belt continuously remains tight.

A special ventilation system on the drive motor has twin benefits:

It directs the intake air to the head of the grinding machine, which cools it. At the same time the air flow directs the grinding dust away from the user.

The most powerful grinding machine for pipe threatment:

A simple and at the same time ingenious principle:
When the PIPE-SNIPER® is raised or lowered, the complete machining of the pipe is possible without changing the working position. This means that with a pipe diameter of 25 to 42 millimeters a 2/3 envelopment is possible without any problems. Even in the case of a 70 millimeter diameter the tool can grip around 50 percent of the pipe. Thanks to the new drive motor with 1,750 watts, the PIPE-SNIPER® is the most powerful grinding machine for pipe machining currently on the market The motor enables high torque and a constant high performance even during constant use. Furthermore the speeds from 1,000 up to 3,800 rpm can be continuously regulated using the adjusting wheel at the tip of your thumb and the set speeds are kept constant through an intelligent speedometer generator, even under load.

Pipe-Sniper© in action
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Accessories for Belt Filing Operation
Picture / Dim. Description Application Box Qty.
Sanding Belts

Grinding belts

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For coarse grinding, removing welds, descaling, derusting and sanding of pipes.

  • Grinding belt is made of tear resistant zirconium cloth, with cooling components ideal for stainless steel
  • These belts are also suitable for the PIPE-SNIPER® PIPE-MAX and GLADIUS® machines
Grit 40
Grit 50
Grit 60
Grit 80
Grit 120
Grit 180
40 x 780 mm

SC Fleece Belts

Surface Conditioning SC Fleece belts

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For fine finishing of handrails and other pipe constructions. Creating a decorative matt to satin finish, depending on grade. Removes also minor scratches and handling marks, oxide etc. Ideal for blending-in work. These belts are also suitable for the PIPE-SNIPER® PIPE-MAX and GLADIUS®



40 x 780 mm


TZ Pyramid Belts

Trizact™ TZ-Pyramid Belts

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The special TZ-Pyramid Belts consists of precisely shaped pyramids containing micron graded minerals. As the abrasive is used, the tops of the pyramids wear away, continually exposing fresh abrasive. This ensures a consistent cut rate and surface finish through the life of the belts.These belts are also suitable for the PIPE-SNIPER® PIPE-MAX and GLADIUS® machine.

Dimension Grit Part Number
40 x 780mm
A100 / 220
A65 / 280
A45 / 400
A30 / 600
A16 / 1200
A06 / 2000



Polishing Belts

SuperPolish belts

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For highest mirror finish effect on pipes and handrails. Revolutionary special nylon, in combination with our polishing pastes (white + blue) and our polishing cream (pink), produces a brilliant mirror finish without smears and shadows on surfaces like stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Absorbent, does not smear! These belts are also suitable for the PIPE-SNIPER® PIPE-MAX and GLADIUS® machines.

To be used only in combination with polishing pastes and cream.
Attention: Do not use different polishing compounds on the same belt!


5 mm

40 x 780 mm


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