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Pipe Max

The new PIPE-MAX pipe polisher for comfortable grinding and polishing from small to large pipe diameters as well as flat surfaces. New developed damping system with gas pressure dampers makes for very easy pipe adjustments and fatigue-free working.

You can follow the external contour of the pipe with light, uniform contact pressure. The new damping concept with the elastic return roller allows the grinding and polishing belts to be slung around the external diameter of the pipes.

In addtion the soft front contact wheel allows for linear sanding and finishing of flat surfaces, for example to remove scale, spot welds or deep scratches.

The speed is fully variable between 1,000 and 3,800 rpm, a tachogenerator maintains the speed even under load, giving you a constant speed for a consistent finish.

PIPE-MAX - Technical and order information

Picture Part-No. Type Description

Pipe Max Set

38502 PIPE-MAX Set

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PIPE-MAX Pipe/tube Grinder/Polisher, Technical Data:
220-240 V ~50 Hz (or 110 V~50-60 Hz), 1,750 Watt power consumption, Variable speed regulator from 1,000 to 3,800 rpm, suitable for grinding belts 40x780mm. Weight just 3.5 kg.
Set containing: PIPE-MAX Pipe Grinder with 4m power lead, 2 x linishing belts ea P40, P60, P80, P120, 2 ea surface conditioning belts medium and fine, packed in sturdy printed portable box.

Abrasives to suit PIPE-MAX pipe grinder/polisher

Picture / Dim. Description Application

Sanding and Linishing belts

Ideal for coarse to medium grinding and linishing applications such as removing weld seams and spots, scratches, longitudinal grinding etc.

Tearproof zirconium quality for fast and safe working!

40 x 780 mm
TZ Pyramide belts

Trizact™ TZ-Pyramid belts

Allows very high material removal whilst producing a very fine surface finish. Reduces the number of stages required for a given surface finish. Ideal for removing scratches and for pregrinding for polishing to a mirror polish.

40 x 780 mm
A100 / 220
A65 / 280
A45 / 400
A30 / 600
A16 / 1200
A06 / 2000
Surface Conditioning belts
SC-Fleece belts
Surface conditioning

Ideal for satin finishing and fine grinding of tubes and pipes.

For Removing of light scratches and rust, matt and satin finish and deburring of pipe constructions and hand rails.

40 x 780 mm
Surface Conditioning belts

SuperPolish belts
For highest mirror finishing effect on pipes and handrails. Revolutionary special nylon, in combination with our polishing pastes (white + blue) and our polishing cream (pink), produces a brilliant mirror finish without smears and shadows on surfaces like stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Absorbent, does not smear!

To be used only in combination with polishing pastes and cream.
Attention: Do not use different polishing compounds on the same belt!

40 x 780 mm
SP yellow
Picture Type Description

PipeMaxBelt linisher


PIPE-MAX pipe grinder/polisher for perfect grinding and polishing on closed and open pipe constructions from small to large.

Pipemax PipeMax Pipemax PipeMax
New developed damping system
with gas pressure
The additional handle for comfortable overhead working.
The drive roller with the
rubber rings ensures that the
grinding belts will not slip. Worn rings can be replaced quickly and at particularly low cost.
The grinding roller is made of soft PUR-material for very soft surface touch and elasticity.

Pipe1 Pipe3 Pipe5 Pipe9 Pipe10
New damping concept with gas struts allows the grinding
and polishing belts to be “slung” round the pipes perfectly
without great force.

The soft front wheel also allows flat surfaces to be ground longitudinally to remove spot welds and deep scratches, etc.



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