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POLY-PTX® 800 - most powerful linear grinder in its class
VARILEX® WSF 1800 - now with 1,750W of pure muscle
PIPE-MAX for small and larger pipes, 1,750 Watts
PIPE-FIX DUO - belt grinder and belt filing system
ROLEI BE 5 - precise deburring of up to 5mm sheet metals
TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® -Best of the best flap discs
TRIMFIX® HellFire® -Agressive flap disc for all metals
TRIMFIX® ZIRCOPUR® -For steel and INOX, 40 to 120 grit flap discs
PIPE-SNIPER® - for 25 to 70mm dia pipe work
GLADIUS® 1800 - the multifunctional grinding sword
PIPE-FIX SMART - for 9 to 30mm dia pipes / tubes
BLUE-SHARK® FLEECE-FLAP Disc - highly elastic, ideal for weld seams

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POLY-PTX® 800, the new generation with 1,750 Watts.

From now on the most powerful linear grinder in its class ever, is exclusively available from Eisenblatter!
The continuous motor power and enormous power reserves will increase your productivity even more.

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Varilex WSF 1800

VARILEX® WSF 1800, now with 1,750 Watts of pure muscle.

The STRONGEST among the adjustable grinders: The new VARILEX® WSF 1800 Heavy-Duty Angle-Grinder now with 1,750 Watts! Variable speed from 2,000 to 7,600 rpm

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PIPE-MAX now with 1,750 Watts.

Grinding and polishing of small to large pipes, but also flat surfaces with this powerful belt grinder. Newly developed gas pressure damper system, motor now with 1,750 Watts!

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PIPE-FIX DUO belt grinder and filing machine all in one.

Compact, handy, yet powerful and versatile, this belt grinder converts quickly to a belt file without the need for any tools. Adjustable speed to suit your application. Ideal for closed and open pipe work, railings, handrails and difficult grinding or polishing tasks

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ROLEI BE 5 , double-sided deburring of metal sheets in one operation.

Precise deburring of sheet metal up to 5mm in thickness. Self-sharpening grinding tools offer a long service life. Machine can be set up to enable vertical or horizontal operation.

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Black Mamba

The TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® is a high performance flap disc able to remove 1kg of steel in 15 to 20 minutes.

The new TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® flap disc is designed for the rapid removal of steel and stainless steel.
As with all our discs in the TRIMFIX® Range the backing plate is made of environmentally friendly natural fibres - no glass fibres.
Available in 100, 115, 125, 150 and 178mm in 40 or 60 grit.

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TRIMFIX® HellFire® flap disc, highly aggressive on all metals. This hybrid disc comes in grit 40/60. Aggressive as 40 grit but finishes like 60 grit:

The new TRIMFIX® HellFire® is part of the TRIMFIX® Range which all feature natural fibre backing - no glass fibre backing.
This provides for cooler cutting action with reduced vibration and noise reduction and is of course environmentally and health friendly.

Dimensions: 115 and 125 mm.
Grain: Multigrain Hybrid 40/60

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TRIMFIX® ZIRCOPUR® high quality abrasive flap disc for steel and INOX:

The new TRIMFIX® ZIRCOPUR® is available at an unbeatable price for efficient, yet first-class processing of steel and INOX. The disc features visco-elastic natural fibre backing plate, as part of the TRIMFIX® Range.
The flaps are set at a 5 degree angle and self-trimming during use.

Dimensions: 115, 125 mm.
Grains: 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit - pure zirconia.

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Trimfix range

The TRIMFIX® Range is the best of the best.

The TRIMFIX® Range consists of the BLACK MAMBA®, HellFire® and the ZIRCOPUR® flap disks. All have in common the environmentally friendly backing plate with a natural fibre flap base material to which the grit is bonded. The backing plate is of visco-elastic natural fibre compound. There are no glass fibres in any of the TRIMFIX® products or any of our other flap discs . As a result, all 3 types of discs in the TRIMFIX® range have lower vibration and a reduction in noise and generated heat. This combination provides for cooler grinding action, with the added benefit of a superior finish, due to the smoothing action of the backing material. The flaps are set at a 5 degree angle and are self-trimming during use.

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Pipe Sniper

PIPE-SNIPER® professional belt grinding machine.

The new PIPE-SNIPER®, pipe belt grinder, for efficient pipe treatment of bigger pipes. 25 - 70 mm from just one working position!

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Pipe Sniper

GLADIUS® 1800 The multifunctional grinding sword.

This unique multifunctional grinding sword can grind on both sides of the belt, enables unprecedented access to spaces previously unreachable. Fast belt changes, bow handle for tireless working in every position, infinite speed adjustment 1000 - 3800 rpm, belt size: 40mm wide x 780mm.


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PipeFix Smart


The new PIPE-FIX SMART, Pipe-treatment machine for thin pipes and round workpieces from 9 - 30 mm. 360 degrees of grinding action due to enclosure system.

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Fleece Flap


The new BLUE SHARK® FLEECE-FLAP is a highly elastic fleece flap disc, ideal to treat weld-seams.

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