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Ernest Mullner, Agatha Mullner, Andrea

Meet our team

111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd has been successfully trading since September 1987 under the name of Mullner Enterprises serving Australia and the Australasian region with high performance, innovative abrasive power tools and abrasives.

We are a 100 % Australian owned and operated company
and offer patented solutions for metal finishing.

No. 1 in Quality > No. 1 in Performance > No. 1 in Service =
Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd

About 111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd - trading as Mullner Enterprises

About us  

Agatha Mullner, Administration Manager - Ernest Mullner, General Manager
Agatha & Ernest Mullner

In September 1987 the company Mullner Enterprises was founded by Ernest and Agatha Mullner. In July 2001 the company name was changed to 111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd trading as Mullner Enterprises.

Your main contacts are: Mr Ernest Mullner, Director (Technical) and Mrs Agatha Mullner, Director (Administration), Mr Patrick Mullner, Marketing Manager and Mr Phillip Mullner, Sales Representative

We pride ourselves with our exceptional service. All products are supported by a wide range of accessories. We are the market leader with innovative and patented products. Our product line is subject to constant improvements from our research and development team in Germany.

Research & development  

Every product available from 111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd has undergone extensive research. Development is based on over 30 years of experience in the industry. That is a lot of know-how which is reflected in every innovative product we offer today.

Development is an ongoing process, even after the product is in production. We have increased the performance of our MAGNUM® COOL TOP® Flap discs to a level today which was unimaginable just a few years ago. Another example is the POLY-PTX® 800 which offers now a power increas by over 60 % compared with the initial model on offer. The POLY-PTX® 800 evolved from the very first POLY-PTX® 100, then 200, 300, 500 to what it is now. All the accessories suitable for the Poly PTX® 800 will also fit any of the earlier models.

Our products are the ORIGINALS, not just copies of our competitors range!

International Patents

Innovation backed up by numerous international patents. For example in 1974 the patent for the first longitudinal linear grinder which has evolved to become the successful POLY-PTX®, being the first longitudinal grinder, sander and polisher in the world to come to market.

Did you know that the MAGNUM® COOL TOP® has evolved from a patent granted over 30 years ago, the very first fan type flap disc on the market !!

In 1987 we've introduced the first variable speed grinder to Australia.

State of the Art production

Production, design and research and development are all on the same premises. Experienced staff and modern, efficient production methods are utilised to produce every component.

We are using completely new development methods and found new production technologies to satisfy the high quality demands we place on our products. Raw materials manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 are used.

User-friendly, environmentally sound products are very important to us. To protect customers, we do not use any backing plates made of glass fibre or mineral fibre. Our flap discs are mainly made of cotton, sustainable raw materials and food-grade plastics. We don't even use epoxy resins, instead we have developed a revolutionary new and patented gluing system which means that grinding and trimming does not create any harmful glass fibre dust.

All flap discs, grinding/finishing tools and machines such as the POLY-PTX® are made by us. We are one of the largest manufacturers of flap discs in the world! That's why we can offer you top quality at a fair price !

Testing Endurance grinding test with flap discs

State of the Art production

Standard and endurance tests assure quality and play an essential role in progressive new developments.

Endurance tests are conducted on test systems we have designed ourselves and the material removal rates and service life of flap discs are measured.

New fabrics are tested here to ensure their suitability and their grinding properties on various materials are established.


Speed test

Grinding discs are tested to ensure that they can withstand the speeds that are required for grinding work on this centrifugal test machine. The test system can test discs at speeds of up to 30,000 rpm.


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No. 1 in Quality > No. 1 in Performance > No. 1 in Service =
111 Abrasives Australia Pty Ltd

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